Tuesday, February 7, 2023

“You Only Come For Votes!” M’sian Uncle Kicks Politicians Out While Campaigning In Melaka

Social News"You Only Come For Votes!" M'sian Uncle Kicks Politicians Out While Campaigning...

The Melaka State Election is around the corner and politicians are out on the run to campaigns in order to pull in as much votes as they can.

However, a video went viral on social media, showing an Indian uncle scolding and chasing politicians away while they campaigns in front of someone’s house.

The video was posted by Twitter user @chean_nasution and it went viral because of how “power” the uncle was!

In the video, the politicians can be seen campaigning in front of someone’s house and giving out posters which is believed to be his manifesto for the upcoming state election.

Out of the blue, the Uncle approaches them and scolded them, asking them to leave immediately.

“What have you ever done for people of Tamil? You only come for votes.” the uncle said in Tamil.

Source: Malay Mail

After receiving nagging from the Uncle, the politicians finally made a move and leave the house.

Meanwhile, netizens shout out to this Uncle for his actions and commended him!

Many agreed to the Uncle’s action and one netizen even said this should be made as the new political norm in Malaysia.

A netizen pointed out how angry the Uncle was just after listening to his voice. “The anger through that Uncle’s voice just says it all…” said the netizen.

“The Uncle really gave it scolded straight to their faces!” another netizen applauded for the Uncle.

Many also expressed their gratitude towards the Uncle for voicing out their honest opinion towards politicians, especially being the minorities in Malaysia.

The best comment goes to the netizen who said how people should never mess with a half-naked Uncle holding a cigarette!

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