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PAS Leader Claims That Gambling Is Part Of The Chinese Culture And Even China Banned Gambling

Social NewsPAS Leader Claims That Gambling Is Part Of The Chinese Culture And...

A state legislative member (ADUN) from PAS has asked those who oppose Kedah’s ban on gambling to look at China’s stance towards gambling, where China has place curbs on such activities since 1949 for its social ills.

The PAS ADUN, Hanif Ghazali also said that gambling is part of the Chinese culture and it was so bad that China had to put restrictions on these activities.

He added that China has only allowed gambling at weddings, birthdays and other smaller events, and at gaming centres in the special autonomous regions of Macau and Hong Kong.

However, with the Filipino online gambling websites flourishing, Beijing had to reach out to the Philippines, requesting them to put an end to the online gambling menace.

In addition, Hanif said that being a Muslim, one must support the ban on all forms of betting and gaming to obey Islamic teachings.

“Can you imagine what gambling can do to the family institution?” he asked during the debate on the 2022 Supply Bill in the state assembly.

Source: The Rakyat Post

“The breadwinner is forced to borrow money from moneylenders, while his wife has to pawn her belongings to clear the debts from gambling.”

Apart from measures to curb gambling, Hanif also expressed his support to curb the sales of alcohol in certain areas, adding that the restriction should be extended to Langkawi.

Hanif said the restrictions can help reduce the high rate of road accidents involving drunk tourists on the island, which he received those remarks during his regular preaching trips there.

“Alcohol is so freely available in Langkawi that teenage, schooling children can buy them.” he said.

Following which, he cited a World Health Organisation report, stating that Malaysians were the 11th highest consumers of alcohol, spending RM1.5 billion on drinks yearly.

He also said the Kedah state government should refer to the public drinking curbs implemented in Australia and Singapore.

On Sunday (14 November), the Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor announced that local councils would not renew the business licences of gaming outlets and restrict alcohol sales in low-demand areas, except Langkawi.

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