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Netizen Gets Warded After Trying Out McD’s 3x Spicy Fried Chicken

Social NewsNetizen Gets Warded After Trying Out McD's 3x Spicy Fried Chicken

McDonald’s has recently brought back their 3x Spicy Fried Chicken and spicy-food lovers had been cheering for it.

However, a Twitter user has shared her painful and uncomfortable experience after eating the popular 3x Spicy Fried Chicken.

She said she initially rushed to the Shah Alam Hospital because she felt a fiery burn at her stomach, but later decide to change her plans and went to SALAM Specialist after there was a long excruciating wait at the hospital.

“As soon as I registered at the emergency, they already knew my medical history that I have gastric and have previously had an endoscopy with a specialist there. The doctor confirmed that I have a serious acid reflux and gave a fast treatment.” she said in the series of tweet.

She then explained that the doctor at the private hospital gave her 3 shots to calm down her severe acid reflux and they asked her to rest there until it is safe for her to check out.

She also mentioned that she will not be buying the McDonald’s 3x Spicy Fried Chicken and warned others to take to take the food with caution.

Meanwhile, she said that she is eating this because of her love for spicy food and not because of any challenge. She added that it is not her first time eating McD’s 3x Spicy Fried Chicken but what McD serve this time is on a whole different level.

In response, another netizen said that people who eat spicy things because they have a high tolerance for spiciness doesn’t mean that what’s going inside their bodies is ok.

“Maybe now you won’t feel a thing, but you could reap the consequences later. Instead of boasting, better be careful. People do this to spread awareness, not just for show on who can withstand the spiciness better.” the netizen said.

Nonetheless, McDonalds have already printed their legal disclaimer “Eat at your own risk” on their commercials. Hence, you are advised to weigh out the risks before consuming it.

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