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#HartalDoktorKontrak Plans A Second Rally In This Coming December

News#HartalDoktorKontrak Plans A Second Rally In This Coming December

Contract doctors in Malaysia are now planning a “symbolic” mass resignation movement in this coming December, if the government does not give the 22,288 contract doctors a permanent position.

According to Utusan, the movement’s spokesman Dr Muhammad Yassin said the next planned protest will see affected contract doctors walk out while carrying placards with the message “Mass Resignation” as a symbolic protest gesture.

Following which, if their demands remain unmet, a mass resignation will happen in the same month.

Source: The Star

Dr Muhammad also said the protest will be similar to the movement organised back in 26 July and it will last about 30 minutes to an hour.

“We will be having a press conference this week to give more details on the protest.” said Dr Muhammad.

He said the movement is disappointed with the government’s treatment towards contract doctors in the country.

Source: Twitter

“I feel that if we remain in the Health Ministry but are still on contract, it is difficult for us to move forward and to receive the same opportunities that permanent staff get.”

“Our future becomes uncertain. So it is better for us to go away.” Dr Muhammad added.

Similar to the first rally, he said the planned protest will not disrupt the healthcare system at government hospitals.

“It is our responsibility to look after patients and ensure their treatments are not disrupted. Nothing untoward happened during our previous protest.” he said.

The second protest was fueled by the contract doctors’ disappointment in the Budget 2022 as they feel that the government is not keen in addressing the contract doctor issue.

Under Budget 2022, the government had allocated RM100mil to sponsor 3,000 contract medical and dental officers to pursue specialist training, as well as extending their contracts from 2 to 4 years.

Meanwhile, Dr Muhammad said the group will continue engaging with the Health Ministry, Finance Ministry, Public Service Department and Public Service Commission to seek a solution to the issue until the date of the protest arrives.

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