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Eco-Shop Will Be Increasing Prices Of Their Products Starting 1 December

Social NewsEco-Shop Will Be Increasing Prices Of Their Products Starting 1 December

Being Malaysians, we love discounts, promotions and good bargains. This is also why we have various budget stores such as Mr DIY, Daiso, My 99 Shop, as well as Eco-Shop around.

These budget stores not only provide a wide variety of items at a crazy cheap price, but some of them are of good quality too.

However, the budget chain store, Eco-Shop has recently took to Facebook to announce that they will be increasing an additional 10 sens to their price tags starting 1 December 2021.


With this, it means that in West Malaysia, their items will be priced at RM 2.20 while it will be RM 2.40 in East Malaysia and Langkawi.

In the Facebook post, Eco-Shop said “To our valued customers, we would like to thank you for your support and trusts for us. All these while, we have held on to our principle, which is to offer good quality items with the lowest price.”

“Due to inflation and still wanting to hold on to the main principle of the company, we have decided with a heavy heart that our items will now be priced at RM 2.20 from RM 2.10 (West Malaysia) / RM 2.40 from RM 2.30 (Langkawi, Sabah & Sarawak) starting from 1st December 2021. We are very regretful to announce this, but we hope you will keep on supporting us.”

Following the announcement, there is a mixed reaction from netizens, where some were angry and disappointed, while some showed their support to Eco-Shop despite the price increase.

“Be grateful you have eco shop.. We don’t have eco-shop where I live. I have to spend more. Hello, eco-shop Malaysia, why won’t you open a branch in Sibu, Sarawak” a netizen wrote.

Another netizen then pointed out that a 10 sen increase is reasonable and it is still affordable for many. Many out there have increased their price significantly, with some up to a 80% increase.

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, a dissatisfied netizens said “I knew it. Higher profit, more branches, you increase the price along with it!”

Some said they will start boycotting Eco-Shop for the price increase.

What do you think about this price hike? Will you be still supporting Eco-Shop despite the price increase? Share your thoughts!

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