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OnlyFans model made RM12m without showing her face

An OnlyFans model managed to make £2.2 million without showing her face (RM12 million).

The woman, who goes by the name Bambi Blue online, covered her face in the photos to avoid loved ones from identifying her.

Bambi, in her 20s, said that she feared she would be disowned if her family found out about her racy pictures.

Since joining the website, Bambi, who hails from California, US, now draws around £186,000 (RM1.041 million) monthly and has thousands of fans online. Bambi said her parents are really strict but she gets along well with them.

“They think I am still at the same office job.”

“It’s really convenient that it’s more common to work from home nowadays though, so I don’t have to explain why I’m not commuting to work as much anymore.”

As she covers her face, Bambi said her fans are desperate to see how she looks and were willing to pay so that she shows them her face but she has so far resisted the urge to reveal her true identity.

“I had one fan who offered me £3,700 (RM20,729) but I declined.”

“Another fan offered to fly me first class to Italy in exchange for a single face picture and I also declined that.”

Meanwhile, another OnlyFans model was more than willing to have herself plastered on a digital billboard at Times Square, gifted by her sugar daddy in conjunction with her birthday.


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