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Local Artists Withdraw Their Art From Exhibition After Organisers Hang Them Around The Mall Like “Laundry”

Social NewsLocal Artists Withdraw Their Art From Exhibition After Organisers Hang Them Around...

At least 2 participating artists had withdrew their artworks from the Artisfair exhibition at the Fahrenheit 88 mall in Kuala Lumpur after claiming the organizers had disrespecting them by hanging their canvases around the mall’s railings like laundry.

One of the artists, Nawwar Shuriah Ali (@BonoStellar) said she had took down her Clair De Lune glass on wood piece from the exhibition.

“Lol just took down my own work at an exhibition that just started… No, you can’t be serious about hanging those canvases like that.” she wrote in her Tweet.

Another artist, Indra Gondhi (@indragondhi) also tweeted about his decision to withdraw his art from the exhibition.

“Woke up to this unacceptable and very unprofessional behavior! The worst way to display artworks. I’m pulling out my pieces. This is disrespectful!” he said.

Meanwhile, many other artists had replied to Indra’s tweet saying that they have decided to withdraw their artwork from the exhibition.

Source: Twitter

The art fair was organised by Bookxcess bookstore and it was set to run from 11 November to 28 November.

On its website, the art fair features over 2,000 paintings, prints and 3D installations by both rookies and established artists from across Malaysia and Indonesia that strive to challenge “conventional presentations or art.”

Meanwhile, it is said that the organizer has took down all the artwork from the balcony railing display and placed them in the building’s gallery spaces.

Source: Artisfairkl

“Some of the galleries representing these artists think it’s not a good idea… it’s making them look cheap. But this is a creative process… when you create something new, some will have certain opinions about it.”

“We spoke to some of the artists. Why they are pressured is because the galleries threatened them that if they don’t ask us to take it down, they won’t represent them anymore. So, to make them happy, we have taken down the artworks.”

“Some people claimed that we are collaborating with the mall to make this into a business. That is so wrong and this is influenced by these galleries that don’t represent the artists properly. We will continue with our work and push boundaries. We are not perfect. The art fair will still go on.” one of the organizer Datuk Seri Bernard Chandran was quoted saying by The Star.

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