Friday, January 27, 2023

Driver Stops In The Middle Of The Road To Buy Mango Pickle Caused Double Collision

Social NewsDriver Stops In The Middle Of The Road To Buy Mango Pickle...

In Malaysia, it is very common to see vendors walking along the road divider to sell their goods to those passing by.

However, this act poses a hazard for both motorists and the vendor, especially along major roads.

Recently, a video of a Proton Waja who decided to suddenly stop in the middle of the road to buy a packet of mango pickle has went viral on social media, allegedly causing a double collision.

According to the netizen who shared the video and a picture of the collision, it is believed that the incident took place at Bukit Minyak, Penang.

In the video, it can be seen the driver of the Proton Waja had stepped on the oil pedal while driving past a traffic light, but the car comes to a sudden halt and the driver reach out to the vendor to buy the mango pickles.

As a result of him stepping on his brakes out of a sudden, his spontaneous decision had caused two vehicles behind to collide with each other.

After which, the Proton Waja then drove again after getting his tasty mango pickle without getting down to check on the drivers in the collision.

The incident has caused a huge uproar among netizens, where most had criticize the driver for being rude and selfish.

Source: Facebook

Some even called out to the police to take action against both the vendor and the driver for the act which causes danger to other drivers.

“Is the mango pickle that tasty?” the netizen wrote in the caption.

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