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Kedah Bans All 4D Shops, MB Vows To Curb Gambling And Alcohol In State

NewsKedah Bans All 4D Shops, MB Vows To Curb Gambling And Alcohol...

Kedah will ban the operation of shops selling numbers forecast lottery draws in the state by not renewing their business licences.

The Kedah Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said this move aims to “tackle the ill results from gambling” as gambling is caused of the collapse of family institutions and even civilisations besides resulting in debt problems.

“Those who want to buy (4-D lottery numbers) can go to Penang.” he said in a press conference after tabling Kedah’s Budget 2022 in the state assembly yesterday (14 November).

Apart from curbing gambling, Sanusi also said the state government will introduce restrictions on the sale of alcohol in rural parts of Kedah “where the demand for such drinks is low”.

Source: The Rakyat Post

Meanwhile, he said that the measures on limiting alcohol sales will not affect the non-Muslim consumers.

“Last week, the state executive council discussed alcohol sale at duty-free stores in Langkawi, where sales of alcoholic beverages are allowed, and at unlicensed stores in the state. We hope they will no longer sell them openly any more in Kedah.”

Source: Madison

“These actions are being taken to ensure Kedahans are always in a sober state of mind.” Sanusi said, but he did not give further details on how the restrictions will be.

In the press conference, Sanusi said he will enforce the gambling ban as long as he has the power to do so.

“I do not want to be questioned in the afterlife on what I had done to curb gambling when I led the state government.”

“Besides, if I do not act on this gambling matter, I will get ‘whacked’ by others.”

“The gambling shop owners reap profits, but the consequences of gambling are felt by the people, especially the non-Muslims.” he said.

He also hoped the people of Kedah will understand his actions to ensure the state is gambling-free.

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