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Gold Rush In Kelantan After Residents Allegedly Discovered Gold Ores

Social NewsGold Rush In Kelantan After Residents Allegedly Discovered Gold Ores

Residents in Kampung Bukit Lata, Rantau Panjang were filled with excitement after they allegedly discovered glittering rocks at a construction site of a flood mitigation project which is carried out by the government.

According to Kosmo, a resident, Mat, said the news of the glittering rocks spread like wildfire and he had rushed to the said location to see for it himself.

Mat said that it is true that the rocks found in the area had a yellow glitter, and it is believed to be containing gold.


“The only thing right now is we are not sure if it is really gold. My instinct tells me it is actually gold, but these ores were not being processed.” he said.

Meanwhile, Mat has been a resident in this village since he was born and he said that the claims were not baseless as Bukit Lata was known for its rich natural mineral resources.

Source: Harian Metro

He added that among the minerals found in the area was iron ore and these were being exported to Japan.

“However, the iron ore had to be sent back because it was still raw.

“After the video of the resident claiming that gold ores were being discovered went viral on social media, the area was being completely closed off by the project site management.” he said.

However, Harian Metro reported that the gleaming rocks could be just normal rocks, which do not contain any gold. Some residents had brought the rocks to be inspected by goldsmiths and their response had left them disappointed.

A resident who joined the gold rush said he had threw those rocks after he heard they are just normal rocks. However, he said that he did not regret it as it is not always one can experience this.

Previously, a 23-second video had went viral on social media, showing residents gathering at the site in Kampung Bukit Lata here to search for gold.

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