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Anti-Climax For Gold Miners Who Join The Gold Rush In Pitas, Sabah

NewsAnti-Climax For Gold Miners Who Join The Gold Rush In Pitas, Sabah

One of the poorest districts in Malaysia, Pitas, came under the limelight of the locals, as well as other Sabahans after gleaming rocks were discovered at a road construction project there.

This has led to a “gold rush” over the past few days.

However, what was thought to be gold in Pitas has recently been confirmed to be just “fool’s gold”, or pyrite.

Source: The Star

According to The Star, the State Minerals and Geosciences Department acting director Webster Wong said their team of experts has confirmed this after a thorough inspection on Thursday (11 November).

“Our officers only found pyrite.” he said, thus putting an end to days of speculation and excitement among many Sabahans.

Source: FMT

Despite having the appearance that resembles gold, pyrite is a type of crystal that is used to make accessories, as well as jewellery. It is also used for spiritual purposes.

Having said that, experts have urge those who managed to bring these stones home if they come across them, and those who have managed to dig some out before the area cordoned off, to either keep or sell them.

There were many who refused to believe that the stones they brought home were only pyrite. Some even claimed that they had gone to goldsmiths for clarification and were apparently told that they held real gold in their hands.

The authorities then warned those who are still eyeing into the cordoned off area to dig some of these stones to stop doing so.

“Digging at the hill slopes could cause erosion, so please do not do so.” Wong said.

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