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This Netizen Has An Uncanny Resemblance With Jho Low, But She Is Not Afraid About It

Social NewsThis Netizen Has An Uncanny Resemblance With Jho Low, But She Is...

Jho Low, the infamous businessman who is being hunted by the authorities for his involvement in the 1MDB saga, and is believed to be the mastermind of the entire scandal.

Recently, a TikToker had came under the spotlight after many netizens pointed out her uncanny resemblance to the businessman. Among the comments she received were netizens thought it was Jho Low wearing a hijab in her TikTok videos.

In response, the TikToker uploaded an edited video of her with Jho Low on TikTok and she received an overwhelming response from netizens. Most of them were amused by how the 2 look shockingly alike, as if they were father and daughters.

Meanwhile, the TikToker is not discouraged despite people comparing her to the wanted fugitive.

In an interview with mStar, she said that she did not expect to receive such comments but she takes it positively and saying that it was humorous.

“The first time I came across the comment, I laughed. I even Googled him because I wanted to take a look at his face. I wasn’t sure which part (of our faces) look the same.” she said.

Source: TikTok

After that, she then save his photo and made a simple video on TikTok to address their similarities. To which, she was amused by them too.

“I didn’t expect the video to blow up. I didn’t expect that many people would respond to my post. Some of the hilarious comments that I receive include, ‘Give Malaysians their money back’. Some even asked me to reveal his current whereabouts.”

“In my opinion, the reactions left by netizens on TikTok were mostly positive. I didn’t even take all the remarks to heart. I’ll take that as a joke instead. Just so you know, this was my first time seeing people compare me to Jho Low. Back then, others used to say that I look like Michael Ang!” the TikToker was quoted saying.


Reply to @idsjx_ pas ni boleh tukar job buat penyamaran😈😈

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Apart from that, the 26 year-old TikToker said she has been actively producing content on the social media platform since the beginning of last year.

She shared, “I came up with a video content previously, and it went viral. Following that, I decided to pursue a career in this field. I often post reviews for TV series, movies and also songs on my social media. Sometimes, I also post random content online.”

For those who are interested, you can check her out on TikTok here.

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