Tuesday, November 29, 2022

“Double Standards?” Malaysians Points Out To Panasonic Malaysia’s ‘Trim Your Rambut-An’ Ad

Social News"Double Standards?" Malaysians Points Out To Panasonic Malaysia's ‘Trim Your Rambut-An’ Ad

An advertisement by Panasonic Malaysia of a body hair trimmer is now the subject of a heated debate for apparent double standards.

The ad titled “Trim Your Rambut-an” was produced back in March, where it featured 2 local favourite fruits as stand-in for what’s believed to be testicles.

The advertisement is about a conversation between a rambutan and a lychee, with the rambutan asking the lychee how it stayed so smooth.

Following which, the hair trimmer stands in between the 2 fruits, forming what appears to be a pair of testicles and the penis, which is the male reproductive organ.

“Bro, don’t let your Rambut-ans get out of hand. Get silky smooth like a lychee with our Panasonic Men’s Body Hair Trimmer for those tough to get to spots all over your body.” Panasonic Malaysia wrote in the ad’s caption.

The innuendoes marketing campaign then triggered a heated debate among netizens, who questioned why was this advertisement allowed by the same authorities who disapproved the Libresse Malaysia’s vulva-inspired ad.

In September, Libresse Malaysia came under fire for its vulva flower design on their packaging for sanitary pads, especially from the more religious factions of our society, for supposedly being obscene and disrespectful towards women.

“So Libresse’s vagina flower is not okay but this is fine?” a netizen criticized on Twitter.

Some netizens also raised a concern that people were being biased between the 2 double entendre ads.

Meanwhile, a few netizens did agree that some Malaysian marketing moves are getting a bit lewd.

There were some who thinks that there is nothing wrong or immoral with both with both Panasonic’s testicle campaign and Libresse’s vulva themed creatives, but the problem lies rather with the person who interpreted it.

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