Friday, December 9, 2022

Justin Bieber Accused Of Mocking Muslims For Wearing Hijab At Utah Concert

Social NewsJustin Bieber Accused Of Mocking Muslims For Wearing Hijab At Utah Concert

Canadian superstar Justin Bieber has recently came under fire as he was being accused of mocking Muslims after he wore a headscarf during his recent concert in Utah, United States.

A video of the performance was being shared on Twitter, where Justin can be seen singing songs such as “Sorry” and “Lonely” while wearing the headscarf.

Middle East 24 reported that Bieber was called out for allegedly offending Islam and the Muslim community through his choice of attire of headscarf, white pants and a loose T-shirt.

Justin has received widespread criticism soon after photos and videos of him performing on stage while putting on the headpiece after it went circulated on social media on 8 November.

While in Malaysia, some appeared to be offender by Justin’s clothing and they have taken to social media to make troll comments against him.

A netizen trolled Justin for not covering his ‘aurat’ while others joked and labelled him names like ‘Justina Habibah’.

One even pointed out that Justin is bringing the “makcik bawang vibes” with the style of tudung he was sporting, while another jokingly commented that Justin may be releasing his very own hijab line soon.

Jokes aside, a Twitter user said that it was fine if he wore the ‘hijab’ but was annoyed to see him wearing a short sleeve shirt.

Another netizen then said that it was okay for Bieber to wear the ‘hijab’ but it wasn’t appropriate for him to dance with it.

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