Thursday, December 8, 2022

M’sian Duo Claims Food Delivery Riders Have No Future, Same Goes To Those Who Sells Fish

Social NewsM'sian Duo Claims Food Delivery Riders Have No Future, Same Goes To...

The economy had been terrible ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started and it is truly a blessing to still have a job.

However, opinion differs from different people and some may not share the same thoughts.

Recently, a live video of a businesswoman and real estate negotiator had went viral on social media, where it sparked a huge outrage among netizens, for they had claimed that people who work as food delivery riders have no future.

In the video, the woman can be heard asking, “How rich are the people who order takeaway?”

Source: Facebook

Following which, she claimed that there is no future working as a food delivery rider. She also explained that this is because the nature of the job itself does not offer much learning points.

She then referred to the possible incidents a food delivery rider may encounter is that some customers will make a fuss when the deliveries are late, and making the argument pointless.

The businesswoman also said she is not belittling the job, but emphasising how there are better options that gain more money.

Meanwhile, in the video, she highlight how your fate will be better if you managed to advertise and sell your products to the richest person.

After that, the man showed off his luxury watch, which he claimed that it is a reward for himself after he found his fortune.

“It was around RM100,000 when I bought it. Now it should be around RM200,000” he said.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, the woman also claimed that working as a fish monger has no future, as the value of a fish is too low.

There were a series of claims she made too, among which were how food delivery riders are considered as parasites in society and this occupation is more suitable for those with low productivity.

After the comments, netizens were disgusted with both of them and most had expressed their anger towards them.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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