Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Short Clip Of Najib Visiting A Restaurant In Melaka Went Viral On Social Media

Social NewsShort Clip Of Najib Visiting A Restaurant In Melaka Went Viral On...

Recently, a short video showing a restaurant full of people in Melaka dispersing after Najib and his entourage parked their vehicles next to the restaurant had went viral on social media.

Naturally, most would assume that the Najib was being shunned by the restaurant owner who would rather close their shop than serve food to the former Prime Minister.

However, it turns out that the restaurant did not shut it doors after all.

The owner of the restaurant Dak Lin Celup Tepung Bawah Pokok Pantai Siring, Haslinda Musa explained that she was serving the former Prime Minister as usual.

In fact, Haslinda also said that she was being informed about Najib’s arrival earlier and she was very excited to meet him in person.


“The viral video from certain parties claiming we are closing our doors after Najib’s arrival is incorrect. This slander is quite extreme, and it can damage the name of my restaurant as well.”

“Actually, when ‘Bossku’ arrived, the tide was high, so we cannot place our tables under the trees and thus, we moved our tables into the restaurant.”

“On that day itself, we opened the restaurant at 8 a.m. and had set up the tables inside for the public before Najib arrive.”

“However, Najib arrive 10 minutes early, and we didn’t have time to clean the restaurant, so we continue tidying the table, sweep the floor, and rearrange the tables in the restaurant.”

“The video that went viral on social media is all incorrect. Thank you Najib for coming to Dak Lin’s shop.” Haslinda said in a short video posted on her Facebook.

Meanwhile, in the 14-minute video shared by Malaysia Gazette, Najib can be seen posing pictures with the diners around the premise before grabbing a seat.

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