Monday, February 6, 2023

M’sian Driver Double Parks And Gets His Car Covered In Garbage

Social NewsM'sian Driver Double Parks And Gets His Car Covered In Garbage

Double parking is still a mainstream culture in Malaysia, despite it causing inconvenience to the other drivers.

Recently, a Malaysian driver that double parked and blocked an empty parking lot had its vehicle covered in garbage.

The video was shared on a Facebook page titled “You Drive Like An Asshole (YDLAA)” and it can be seen that there are multiple empty parking lots right in front of the Toyota Vios.


However, the driver of the Toyota Vios had decided to double park behind a parked car.

Meanwhile, it is unclear who went amok and decorated the car with the pile of garbage but someone must be out there to teach such drivers a lesson!

The post went viral and has garnered over 800 shares and 900 likes at the time of writing.

In the comment section, netizens had raised concerns that the driver may return to his car to clear himself of the embarrassment by making the pile of garbage fall onto the road, giving cleaners extra work.

There were netizens who joked about the vehicle’s car plat alphabets, saying that the owner’s situation is “Mx Chxx Hxx”, which is a Cantonese profanity.

“Should have a follow-up video where he throw the rubbish. If he throw it on the roadside, send the video to authority and get him fined for littering. ” a netizen said.

What do you think about this? Does the driver deserve to be treated this way? Share your thoughts!

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