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Netizens Criticize BN Candidate For Her Fluency In BM and English During Interview

Social NewsNetizens Criticize BN Candidate For Her Fluency In BM and English During...

The nomination date for the Melaka state elections falls on 8 November and all Malaysians are eyeing on the state and the potential candidates who could possibly represent the state in the future.

Meanwhile, Barisan Nasional’s candidate for the Kesidang State Assembly (DUN) spot, Leong Hui Ying had been facing a rough start after a video clip of her appearing to have difficulty in understanding and responding in both English and Bahasa Malaysia went viral on social media.

In the viral video, Leong is being interviewed by multiple reporters who asked her a range of questions in regards to the upcoming state election.

Leong is the youngest candidate in the upcoming state elections and she was being asked about how she felt about it, which she responded in a mixture of BM and English, saying that she may not have much experience, she will still do her best to contribute as the DUN of Kesidang.

Source: Facebook

The reporter then asked for her thoughts on the “stability for prosperity” theme used by BN for the Malacca elections.

Leong seemed to be confused and appeared to not understand how to respond to the question.

The video clip went viral on social media with most criticized her lack of response. Many also question how can Leong represent the people when she appears to not be able to speak BM fluently.

“If you’re in Japan you speak Japanese, in China, you speak Mandarin… in Europe, you speak English and now in Malaysia, you don’t even need to be able to speak BM? If you don’t learn the language of the people, you’re not a part of the people.” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, a netizen claimed that Leong is a “token” candidate who is chosen just to fill a quota. “Shameful. Chinese people in Malaysia will no longer be manipulated by BN.”

In response to the criticisms, Leong has since addressed in BM the controversy that the interview has caused.

“Yesterday there was a video of me which had gotten viral and claimed that I am unable to speak BM. As you can see, I can speak BM.”

“Maybe there was a slight problem during that interview. I hope that you don’t misunderstand and do vote for me.” she said.

According to the details shared on her Facebook page, Leong is an alternative healing therapy teacher is a graduate of a Chinese vernacular school who took the Joint Examination Certificate (UEC). She allegedly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Shih Hsin University, Taiwan.

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