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Namewee Made Over RM3.5 Million In A Day From Selling His Songs As NFTs

Social NewsNamewee Made Over RM3.5 Million In A Day From Selling His Songs...

Malaysian artist, Namewee has become a millionaire overnight after he found a new way to beat the current financial system. In his latest venture, he said “to make a stand against the world” and he promoted his interest in dabbling in bitcoin and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).

According to Namewee, NFTs are the way to cut out middle man and secure the ownership of things, including art works.

On 7 November, he released an exclusive song titled “Go NFT” and 20 photos on the marketplace. However, there was an overwhelming response that encouraged him to sell the song “Fragile” as well, which he made a fortune from these sales.

Meanwhile, Namewee has clearly thought the entire venture through. In his latest series of “Tokok” show, he explained his sudden interest in NFTs.

The show “Using NFTs to Fight the World” explains more about NFTs and how they protect people’s ownership of digital objects. Namewee said NFTs not only cut out the middleman, but it is a safe way to ensure the content is safe from censorship.

He added that no authority has any right to the content, unless they personally own it.

“NFTs are just a method designed by an unknown person to make a stand against the banks of the world.” he said.

“It’s just something sensational. It’s something used to make a stand against the government and benefit the society.”

Nonetheless, he also took 20 photos of himself making a rude gesture at banks or large multi-national companies and put them up for sale on the NFT platform. He also created an exclusive song “Go NFT” which he uploaded on the marketplace too.

Namewee then told his viewers that he will not uploaded the song anywhere else. So, if you buy it, it’s yours forever, until you sell it again that is.

Everything that Namewee uploaded was sold in roughly 3 hours and being inspired by his success, he uploaded 99 versions of “Fragile” on the platform. In less than a day, he was reported to have earned about RM3.5 million.

“As soon as I woke up, I became a big, rich man. I’m honestly a little overwhelmed.” Namewee wrote on his Facebook.


However, Namewee said he will never convert the virtual money to cold hard cash. “No matter how much I make, it will always circulate in the virtual world.” he said.

He added that this is not the end of his venture and that he will be releasing more exclusive NFTs next Sunday at noon.

“It’s not easy to do art.” he said, at the same time, expressing his gratitude for all who supported the creators of art with their actions.

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Watch his video about NFTs here:

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