Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Malaysia’s First Remote-Control Car Racing Track In Shah Alam Is Now Open!

Social NewsMalaysia’s First Remote-Control Car Racing Track In Shah Alam Is Now Open!

Malaysia’s first rooftop remote-control (RC) car racing track is now opened at the SACC Mall on Sunday (7 November)!

It is also the third largest RC car racing track in Southeast Asia!

According to Sinar Harian, the opening ceremony of the SACC Mall RC Park was officiated by PKNS Board Member (PREC), Ahamd Feruz, who also officiated the Tamiya RC Car Challenge, Catch My Speed.

Source: RC Planet

Also present was the Organiser and Director of RC Planet, Suah Kim Heng, where he shared that he hopes the opening of the track can be shared with more RC mini car fans.

Meanwhile, the PKNS Real Estate Chief Executive Officer, Fakru Radzi Ab Ghani said the opening of the SACC Mall RC Park is in line with the government’s efforts in promoting outdoor sports activities.

Source: RC Planet

“We believe the RC motoring will be a great outdoor activity because it caters to all generations, especially the young.”

“This opening is also one of the joint initiatives in reviving the retail industry as well as providing the best shopping experience to customers of SACC Mall and PKNS Shah Alam.” he said.

In conjunction with the opening of the track, Fakru Radzi said the RC Car Tamiya competition saw the participation of 80 RC car enthusiasts from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Meanwhile, RC Planet director Suah Kim Heng said those interested in RC car products can visit their store located on the 5th floor of SACC Mall.

“They can use the RC track at the rate of RM20 per day.” he said.

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