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PDRM Busted 221 Drug Syndicates Run By VIPs And Datuks In Malaysia This Year Alone

NewsPDRM Busted 221 Drug Syndicates Run By VIPs And Datuks In Malaysia...

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has busted 221 drug syndicated nationwide this year, and some of them were led by VIPs with ‘Datuk’ titles.

Based on a report by Berita Harian, many of these syndicates were masterminded by wealthy individuals who became millionaires in a short period of time, after only two or three years in business.

If this situation is allowed to continue, it is feared that the country will one day have a drug lord as notorious and powerful as Colombian cocaine tycoon Pablo Escobar who had dealings with the authorities, using bribery or other means to achieve his goals.

Source: FMT

Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department (JSJN) Director, Datuk Razarudin Husain said that these ‘black economy players’ are ‘kingpins’ who have been using legitimate businesses as fronts for their drug trafficking activities.

“The government incurs losses of hundreds of millions each year as these syndicates mask their true nature of business activity and are able to evade paying taxes.” he said.

Razarudin said the existance of these ‘kingpins’ is feared to have “influenced” the police and politicians who have a massive impact on the country.

Source: The Star

However, Razarudin stressed that they will always ensure that this does not happen and will continue to intensify intelligence activities and operations in collaboration with other government agencies.

“So far, based on information and intelligence monitoring, these drug syndicates have not been able to use their influence on government institutions and politicians.”

“There may be one or two police personnel who have links with these kingpins but action have been taken against them and I see that my officers and staff are hard working and have high degree of integrity.” he said.

Meanwhile, the Muar Member of Parliament (MP), Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has taken to his Twitter to condemn the authorities for their lack of action taken against corrupt officials at such high levels of authority.

“Shameful. Disgusting. Annoying. Open investigation paper. Wait until the people forget. Close the case quietly. What’s new? Malaysia needs a serious cleanup. From the top to the bottom.” he said.

Corruption is often the reason for the downfall of a nation and it should not be tolerated. Action should be taken even if the perpetrators are authorities and high-ranking officials themselves.

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