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PAS Leader Claims Of Conspiracy To Drive Out Malays In Penang

Social NewsPAS Leader Claims Of Conspiracy To Drive Out Malays In Penang

A Penang PAS leader had claimed that the Penang state government is working towards driving out Malays from the state by using cunning ways to displace them through development projects.

The Penang PAS committee member Abdul Razib Abd Rahim claimed that there had been projects including setting up a large pig farming area in the middle of a Malay settlement, reclamation projects and other infrastructure projects.

He also said that this is disappointing as the non-Malays dominated both federal and state legislature representing Penang.

Razib then said that it is important for central PAS leaders to promote unity among Malay parties in Penang to ensure the survival of the Malays in the long run.

Source: Penang Property Talk

“PAS, Bersatu and Umno must sit together to wrest back Penang from PH and bury DAP for good.” he said at the 67th PAS muktamar yesterday (6 November).

Razib also claimed that the Penang state government, through the draft Seberang Perai local plan, will create the largest pig farming hub in the northern region and would be situated in the middle of the Malay settlement in Butterworth.

Source: Harakah Daily

He said that the Malay-majority areas in Seberang Perai was being targeted for development, but with the intention to drive out the Malays.

Razib said the number of Malay villages on the island was falling and projects such as the undersea tunnel, the Penang South Reclamation and other infrastructure schemes would result in Malays being further displaced.

“This is all part of the plan by the DAP-led state government. So, it is PAS’s responsibility to make our demands heard to counter their strategies.”

“We need to have better clarity of unity among our Malay political parties in Penang and PAS.”

“The central PAS leadership is not treating Penang issues seriously. It is only a matter of time before pig farms appear in the middle of a Malay kampung.” Razib said.

Meanwhile, the official statistics of Penang’s population in 2018 showed that Bumiputeras are in the majority at 42.3%, followed by the Chinese (39.4%), Indians (9.4%), foreigners (8.6%) and others (0.3%) out of a total population of 1.77 million.

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Watch the speech by Razib in the video at 1.55:

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