Netizen appreciate the workers professionalism cleaning drain on highway despite of dangerous working condition

A video of two maintenance workers who were cleaning a clogged drain along a busy highway went viral recently, with netizens praising the duo for their professionalism and dedication to their work.

In the 20 second clip, one of the workers had to submerge his entire body into a clogged hole that was full of dirty water to unclog the blockage, while his colleague gathered the dirty debris he removed.

Aside from the dirty water being a health hazard, the men also had to brave the dangers from vehicles speeding by the highway.

The dedicated worker was seen covered in filth and all his clothes were stained when he climbed out of the hole for a breather before submerging himself again to clear the rest of the blockage with a stick.

While the location and date of the video could not be ascertained, many netizens hailed the duo as “unsung heroes” for their work in ensuring the highway remained safe for commuters.

Many netizens also commented that although cleaners are often overlooked or looked down upon, it is undeniable that the work they perform is indispensable to society.

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