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KPDNHEP Launches “Ops Menu” To Check For Price Manipulation At Eateries

NewsKPDNHEP Launches "Ops Menu" To Check For Price Manipulation At Eateries

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) has launched the “Ops Menu” operation, where they will be conducting spot checks at restaurants and eateries in Malaysia to prevent price manipulation and rigged scales.

According to Bernama, the Ministry’s enforcement director, Azman Adam said the operation would focus on premises that prepare and serve cooked food, including restaurants, eateries, food courts and seafood restaurants.

“The checks will mostly be on the price tags and weighing scales used by restaurants and eateries.” he said in a statement on Friday (5 November).

Source: Melaka Hari Ini

Besides, Azman reminded operators to always comply with the rules and regulations set by the ministry to avoid facing legal actions, including being charged in court or issued compounds.

He added that stern action will be taken by KPDNHEP against traders who fail to comply with the legal provisions under Price Control and Anti-Profiteering (Price Marking for Goods and Charges for Services) Order 2020.

Source: The Straits Times

Businesses who have found to have committed an offence can face fines of up to RM50,000 while incorporated businesses would face maximum fines of RM100,000.

Also, traders could also be fined up to RM40,000 or a up to 3 years imprisonment if they are found guilty under the Weights and Measures Act (ATS) 1972.

Azman also reminded Malaysians to be careful and choose ethical restaurants and eateries that display clear price list and use valid scales to prevent being deceived by unethical traders.

“Consumer power is the best precaution against getting duped by irresponsible businesses while enforcement action is the last resort against such traders.” he said.

He also urge consumers with information regarding unscrupulous trading practices to alert the ministry via WhatsApp at 019-2794317, hotline 1-800-88-6800, the Enforcement Command Centre (03-8882 6088/6245) or email [email protected]

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