Thursday, March 30, 2023

Another Error With MySejahtera! Users Are Getting Incorrect Surveillance Statuses

Social NewsAnother Error With MySejahtera! Users Are Getting Incorrect Surveillance Statuses

If you are getting an home surveillance orders (HSO) or person under surveillance (PUS) statuses in your MySejahtera, do not panic.

The Health Ministry has apologised for a MySejahtera glitch that had put random people under home surveillance for Covid-19.

The bug in the MySejahtera application caused some people to be put under the Covid-19 HSO and PUS statuses on their mobile phones.

Meanwhile, the MySejahtera team too, had apologised for the bug via its Twitter account and said the issue has been resolved.

However, many users are still complaining that their incorrect statuses remained, affecting their ability to check into business premises.

Source: Twitter

“Good morning, everyone – we apologise for the error on our part which allowed random users to be given the HSOs/PUS status. We have fixed the root cause which allowed this to happen. All incorrect HSOs have been deleted, and incorrect PUS status reverted.” said MySejahtera in its tweet.

“Mine still not reverting to normal status! PLS ACT URGENTLY” a netizen said.

“Hurmm… this kind of error is unacceptable, causing chaos among citizens… how are we supposed to go out since MySejahtera is being used everywhere, please look into this @Khairykj.” another netizen said.

Besides, there were many who complained that the sudden change in their MySejahtera status had affected their flights, interstate travel and trips.

Many had called out to the MySejahtera team and the Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin to look into this urgently.

Nonetheless, it is not clear how many users were affected and there has bee no update from the MySejahtera team after the apology.

The affected users have been advised to reach out to the app’s helpdesk to resolve the issue too.

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