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Another Customer Complaints On Expensive ‘Ikan Siakap’ In Langkawi

Social NewsAnother Customer Complaints On Expensive ‘Ikan Siakap’ In Langkawi

With news of a Langkawi floating restaurant selling a sea bass (siakap) dish at an exorbitant price going viral on social media, another netizen had came forward to complain about another restaurant on the island for charging her an extortionate price.

According to the netizen, Niena ZM, the incident happened on the same day as another person on the island purportedly paid the extortionate amount for their sea bass.

In this incident, Niena ZM paid close to RM1,800 for her meal for a group of 10 adults and 11 children.

She said that although the restaurant displayed the price for the sea bass at RM160/kg, the issue was that the employees did not explain transparently the estimated price of the food ordered.


Instead, she said they only took orders without telling them the size of the fish and it’s estimated price.

“Even the Tom Yam shop in Kuala Lumpur will recommend a suitable portion for the customers dining and will explain the food size and price.” Niena said.

In the Facebook post, Niena said they had a bad feeling about it when the fish came in 3 separate dish, but they were unable to do anything about it as it is being served.

Source: Facebook

She said that the size of the fish given was larger than the ‘normal’ sea bass they ordered, which weight 5.29kg.

She also said that the other food was charged according to the price on the menu, but she claimed that they did not order that much.

She added that although the food served was fresh, the cooking was “not good”.

Nonetheless, we do agree that seafood can be quite expensive, especially when you are ordering it for a large group of people.

Niena then said the purpose of her sharing this on social media is to create awareness so that others will not fall victim to similar cases.

“Imagine those who really can’t afford it?” she asked.

Meanwhile, she also advise other fellow visitors to Langkawi to not be afraid to eat at other places on the island, as this is an isolated case.

With this whole saga going viral, some netizens expressed their concern that shop owners may increase their prices with the pandemic as the reason.

This could then give tourists a bad image on Malaysia’s tourism.

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