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“We Do Not Owe You Anything” GSC Fires Back At University Student For Rude Response

Social News"We Do Not Owe You Anything" GSC Fires Back At University Student...

There had been a stir in the social media in Malaysia after the public relations manager of Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) Malaysia, Sharmine Ishak took to Twitter to share his unpleasant experience with a university student.

In the tweet posted on Tuesday (2 November), Sharmine attached an email correspondence between him and the university student, showing that he, on behalf of GSC, had to reject the invitation for the interview session on the reason that they are unavailable during that particular period.

However, the university student, believed to be disappointed after the rejection, responded rudely to the GSC in the following email.

Source: Twitter

“Lousy la GSC. Take a few minutes also don’t want to click on few buttons for the questionnaire. So discreet. You’ve lost several patron. Thank you no thank you.” the student allegedly responded.

Making reference to the email correspondence, Sharmine advise students to not act in such manner again.

“We do not owe you anything. The world doesn’t owe you anything.”

“You’re lucky I had decided not to send this back to your lecturers. But seriously, if this is your attitude entering the working world, good luck to you.” he wrote in his tweet.

Nonetheless, many netizen pointed they had a hard time dealing with youths these days, as they simply felt that they are entitled to everything.

There were some who said that this is the result of weak parenting and it has nothing to do with lecturers or teachers.

After receiving comments from netizens, Sharmine finally decided to send it back to the lecturer so that they are aware of this incident.

Sharmine also stressed that this is a teachable moment and he would want them to be educated before things get serious for them.

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