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Warning signs that indicate poor gut health

Gut health is extremely essential to maintain a healthy body and mind. However, due to erratic eating habits and sedentary lifestyles, it often gets compromised. But, most people fail to notice this, leading to digestive issues.

Your gut starts showing some early warning signs that you must take note of. Four signs of poor gut health that you should not avoid.

Bloating and gas

When the gut is filled with proportions of bad bacteria higher or in excess, our foods are not broken down or digested as they should, leading to an increase in gas and acidity in your gut. “Besides eating nutritious foods, eating without distractions, chewing your food well and consciously help in the overall process of digestion,” the nutritionist said.

Mood swings

Did you know there is a strong connection between low moods/depression and digestive health? Doesn’t this explain why when we feel low, we either crave comfort food or even lose our appetite? (apart from the other feelings we have). She added, “This is the not so good bacteria in our tummies being active! Good sleep, fresh produce, movement and stress management help both the mind and the gut.”

Poor concentration

If your digestive wall is irritated, hyper-permeable or ‘leaky’ from the foods you eat, the stress you experience or an imbalanced lifestyle, undigested food passes beyond your digestive wall and into your body causing a whole host of problems, including slow brain function.

Skin concerns

Any issues with our gut like inflammation, a leaky gut or a digestive problem, the first place one can notice is the skin. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies that can quite quickly show unhappiness. Gut healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle can definitely result in healthy glowing skin.


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