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PDRM Continues To Extradite Nur Sajat Despite Granted Asylum Status In Australia

NewsPDRM Continues To Extradite Nur Sajat Despite Granted Asylum Status In Australia

Cosmetics tycoon, Nur Sajat had revealed that she has settled down in Australia via her Instagram account, along with her decision to “divorce” Malaysia for good and the grant of asylum from the Human Rights Watch Group.

Despite her efforts to cut off her connections entirely with the country, the police have insisted their intentions to continue pursuing extradition for her, but according to the laws and protocols of Australia.

According to Malay Mail, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Director, Datuk Seri Abd Jalil Hassan said that the police have yet to be formally informed of her status in Australia, but they can see that she is in Australia based on her recent social media postings.

Source: Malaysiakini

He added that the police will obtain the information officially and they had informed the Malaysian embassy in both Thailand and Australia for confirmation.

Meanwhile, he also revealed that the investigations are still ongoing into Nur Sajat’s allegations of molest against her by Selangor religious authorities during her arrest earlier this year.

“We will investigate the matter from all angles.” he said.

In September, Sajat was arrested by Thailand Immigration for possessing an invalid passport but was later released on bail. She is wanted by the Malaysian authorities for allegedly obstructing the authorities with force from carrying out their duties.

However, she later revealed that what really took place was the opposite as she was molested by some of the officers during a raid in January.

Besides, Sajat was also wanted by the police for failing to present appear for a re-mentioning at the Shah Alam Syariah High Court, for the charge of dressing as a woman at a Yasin recitation and prayer back in February 2018.

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