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JPJ Reminds That The Use Of Fancy Car Plates Are Against The Law And Here’s How To Report Them

Social NewsJPJ Reminds That The Use Of Fancy Car Plates Are Against The...

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) had issued a reminder to all vehicle owners that installing ‘fancy’ number plates that are confusing or unclear is against the law.

JPJ also advised vehicle owners to follow the vehicle number plate specification as defined under the Road Transport Act 1987.

In the Facebook post, JPJ explained that those who found violated the rule can be issued a fine between RM300 to RM3,000 under Section 14 (4) of the Land Transport Act.

Source: Facebook

At the same time, JPJ also shared several examples of these ‘fancy’ number plates that have gone viral on social media.

According to the department, people can lodge reports of such vehicles to JPJ. To do so, just snap a photo of the ‘fancy’ number plate and send it along with other details via email to [email protected]

Source: JPJ

Meanwhile, the JPJ’s specifications for car number plates states that each digit must have a width of 30mm and a height of 47mm. Each number must be spaced with a 10mm gap. For motorcycles, the dimensions for each digit are smaller (40mmx30mm) and the gap between each number is 7mm.

Also, standardised car plate numbers are vital to enable Multi-lane free-flow highway experience in Malaysia.

Earlier this week, PLUS has announced that the RFID toll payment system between Hutan Kampung in Kedah and Sungai Dua in Penang, which has gone live starting from 31 October.

With Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, vehicles can pass through the RFID lane at a much higher speed compared to having SmartTAG.

However, for this feature to be adopted properly and widely without complications, highway operators will need to be able to track all vehicles for payment purposes, including vehicles that do not use RFID.

Read the statement from JPJ here:


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