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About 2,500 Kg Of Plastic Bottles Collected From River In Selangor

Source: Facebook

Stop polluting our rivers! We all need clean waters to survive.

The Selangor Maritime Gateway (SMG) had took to Facebook to share that about 2,500 kilograms of plastic bottles were collected in Sungai Kandis in Selangor in just a month!

In the post, SMG said it had run a pilot project with the initiative to capture floating debris in the river in Selangor.

Source: SMG

“SMG is currently running a 5-month pilot project with Nestle Malaysia Berhad to recover plastic waste from the Sg Kandis Log Boom (1 of 7 log booms in Sg Klang installed to catch floating debris under the SMG project).”

“For the 1st month in October, 2.5 metric tonnes of plastic bottles were manually retrieved, cleaned and sent to a recycling centre to be repurposed.”

Source: Facebook

“That means 250,000 PET bottles did not end up in a landfill!” SMG said.

SMG added that the pilot project proves to be effective, and that both SMG and Nestle Malaysia plan to expand the waste recovery initiative to all 7 log booms in the Klang river.

SMG also said they are looking into the possibility of incorporating this initiative into a circular economy innovation programme that is also underway.

Nonetheless, SMG reminded Malaysians to stop littering into rivers.

“So while we do our best to divert waste from landfills, we ask you to do yours and stop waste like plastics from even entering our waterways.”

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