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Tajuddin Urge To Stop Blaming The Bumiputera And Start Working On Bumiputra Advancement

Source: Utusan

The Pasir Salak Member of Parliament (MP), Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has urge the government and leaders from both political divide to stop blaming the people, especially the Bumputera, for the lack of success in business.

He added that it is time for the government to change its approach and help the impoverished bumiputeras as distributing welfare aid and subsidies is no longer an effective method.

Tajuddin then said it is unfair for the leaders to call bumiputeras lazy and undisciplined, as the government has no proper policies and big plans for them.

He then called for the government to come up with better strategies to bring the Malays and Bumiputeras out of poverty, instead of letting them rely on welfare assistance.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

“I urge the government, Finance Minister and the cabinet to come up with new policy aimed at developing the Bumiputera’s economy… because without it, the Malays might still be left behind 50 years from now.”

“Some leaders and politicians always blame the Malays, saying that after giving the Malays equity, shares, lands and projects, they would sell all of the assets and concluded that this made the Malays lazy.”

Source: FMT

“Come on, man. If we are doing business, are we supposed to keep everything forever? We sell some assets off to expand our businesses. How can we make our businesses grow without some buying and selling?” he said in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday (3 November).

In addition, he said that the government’s decision to provide welfare aids are commendable, however, it was an ineffective policy to uplift the bumiputra community in the long run.

Tajuddin said to become a developed and high-income nation, Malaysia needs to move beyond the image of being a “welfare state”, as he describes the leaders who only preferred to give out welfare assistance as “not having the right mindset”.

“I support giving out (financial) assistance sometimes, especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“I ask the government and all the leaders from both sides to think big. We have to change. Don’t just ask the people to change because we need to change first.”

“I’d like to make changes to myself too. We have to revolutionise our thinking and our brain. Don’t just blame the public.” he said.

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