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M’sian Dad Who Crosses To Singapore To Hunt Down His Daughter Pleaded Guilty

NewsM'sian Dad Who Crosses To Singapore To Hunt Down His Daughter Pleaded...

A 65 year-old Malaysian man has pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted murder which he committed against his daughter on 17 January last year in Singapore.

According to Straits Times, the lorry driver Shoo Ah San rode his motorcycle and entered Singapore with the intention to kill his 42 year-old daughter.

At 4 a.m. on the day of the incident, Shoo rode around Marsiling Lane, where his daughter lived, hoping to run into her while she was on the way to work.

At about 5 a.m., Shoo saw his daughter walking towards a bus stop and he ran towards her, lifted his helmet visor, and stabbed her repeatedly, 17 times in total.

“You all made me suffer so miserably.” the man uttered in Cantonese as he stabbed his daughter.

Source: Mothership.sg

It was reported that Shoo tried to aim for her neck but she managed to block the blow. The father then ran to his motorcycle after the ambush.

A passer-by noticed the daughter’s shout and came to her help. However, when Shoo noticed his daughter sitting on the grass verge, he got down from his motorcycle and asked her why she was still not dead.

The man then stabbed her daughter again while ignoring the passer-by’s plea to stop.

After the attack, Shoo went to Kaki Bukit to look for his son, who worked in the area as a mechanic. He roamed around the area for 5 days before the local police officers arrested him at a coffee shop not far away from his son’s workplace.

Source: Mothership.sg

The knife used to stab the daughter was seized during the arrest and the police found notes alleging the lack of filial piety on the part of his children.

In addition, the man had intended to carry the notes with him in his planned suicide.

During his trial on Tuesday (2 November), Shoo had pleaded guilty to the charge of attempted murder and possessing dangerous weapons.

How it all started?

Shoo was apparently enraged at his daughter as he blamed her when he found out his children wanted to sell the family house in Johor Bahru.

The house was bought in 2000, under his daughter’s name as he was an undischarged bankrupt and his son was below the age of 21 at the time.

Shoo claimed that he was the one who paid for the house, but the court heard that it was his elder son who gave his father the money to buy the house and service the mortgage.

Nonetheless, his relationship with his children had been a troubled one, with personal attacks and vandalism of the home by the father.

Source: China Press

When Shoo found out that his children had sold the house last year, he became more bitter and he finally lost it when he was kicked out from his girlfriend’s home in January last year, which rendered him homeless.

In anger, he crossed over to Singapore the following day with the intention to kill his eldest daughter.

Meanwhile, Deputy public prosecutor (DPP), Zhou Yang urged the judge to send him to 16 to 18 years in jail as the crime was planned beforehand and there is no denying his malice due to stab locations.

However, Shoo’s lawyer asked for leniency and sought 10 years’ imprisonment on the basis that any longer jail term would be life imprisonment due to his old age.

The lawyer said Shoo was “a very lonely and disgraced father” who was estranged from his family. It is reported that none of his children had visited him in prison.

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