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Korean beauty hacks to de-tan skin

Ever wondered how those who practise K-beauty routines have clear and even-toned skin? The reason behind this is that K-beauty routines place a high emphasis on using sunscreen religiously and have skin brightening ingredients in almost all of their skincare staples.

But that’s not all. From massaging techniques that physically exfoliate your skin to products and DIY recipes that help de-tan the skin, you can find many gems in K-beauty rituals.

Exposure to sunlight may well cause excessive sweating to tanning, every person has to bear the brunt of heat. But we are not asking you to hate sun, don’t we all love it when it shines bright? All you have to do is take the right care of your skin and then you can get back to loving summers like before.

It is a known fact that Koreans know how to take best care of their skin, and if some of us even follow a fraction of their beauty hacks, we’ll have a different skin altogether. If you hate how the sun acts on your skin, leaving it all tanned and dark, then you ought to try these easy Korean beauty hacks to de-tan your skin!

Rice water mist

If you love rice in any form, you’d love this hack. Fermented rice is the magical ingredient you need for this amazing hack. All you have to do is boil rice, strain it and instead of throwing away the water, just store it in a bowl. Now, cool it down and store inside a spray bottle.

Just let the water rest in the bottle for 3-4 days and use it to spray all over your face. Well, you’d be surprised at the result.

Green tea rinse

Love a cuppa of green tea? Well, try this beauty hack then. Brew your favourite green tea in water for a few minutes. Strain it and cool it down. Now, use it as final rinse for your face every time you wash it. It will detoxify your skin and even out the skin tone like never before.


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