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Aspiring Michelin star chef recipe ‘invisible pizza’ is going viral

Melted cheese, varied toppings, a sprinkle of oregano and a dash of chili flakes- yes, we are definitely talking about pizza! Most of us have different preferences when it comes to this tasty dish. But have you ever tried a pizza that is ‘invisible’?

A home cook from the US has come up with the peculiar dish and the Internet is quite interested as well as confused with the end result.

Michael Ligier, a home cook aspiring to be a Michelin star chef, shared a short recipe for ‘invisible pizza’ on YouTube shorts. The clip was featured on YouTube’s official Instagram page and has now gone viral. The video shows Michael making a crystal pizza base topped with buffalo mozzarella spheres and tomato caviar. The whole dish is made through scientific methods.

“Invisible pizza anyone? @michaelligier’s got a recipe for you,” reads the caption.


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