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Youtuber fans concern of mukbang celebrity is now obese, forced to wear breathing aids

MUKBANG is a Korean term that refers to the act of eating a lot of food while chatting with the audience live. It became popular in 2010.

Nikocado Avocado or real name Nicholas Perry is a pretty popular US mukbang YouTuber. The 29-year-old Ukrainian-born content creator often features dramatic comedy stunts while filming mukbang videos causing his latest video to be eagerly awaited.

Through five YouTube channels, Niko who started videos on Youtube in 2014 has now amassed 5.3 million subscribers and garnered 1.15 billion views. Netizens are worried about his physical and mental health. Moreover, the mukbang dish eaten by Niko consists of fast food that is too large for the size of the dish.

Niko is understood to have received intervention treatment and therapy sessions when he was five years old. He was later diagnosed with depression and had to take antidepressant medication when he reached the age of seven.

By adolescence, Niko was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Syndrome (ADHD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). His weight rose sharply from 68 kilograms (kg) to 150kg.

The concern of his fans started when Niko broke three ribs while filming a mukbang video. The incident left him homeless. Although he has recovered, he is seen still using a respirator. In fact, in recent years, Niko has regularly uploaded videos that show him ‘struggling’ with his mental health.

Hopefully, the YouTuber can find a healthier way of creating content he likes and get professional help related to his mental health.


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