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Education Minister Calls For Flexibility In School Attire For Students

NewsEducation Minister Calls For Flexibility In School Attire For Students

The Senior Minister of Education, Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin has reminded schools to give flexibility to students who attend school without uniforms, adding that it is sufficient as long as they wear a neat and polite attire.

According to Bernama, Radzi had communicated this initiative before, but he is still receiving complaints from parents that some teachers had made it compulsory for their students to wear uniform.

“When schools resumed in accordance to the phase of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) in several states such as Klang, Melaka, we received complaints from parents stating that some schools requested their children to wear school uniforms.

Source: Malay Mail

“So I would like to emphasize once again that the ministry has previously stated that for the period until the end of this schooling year, we allow students to wear appropriate clothes as long as it is neat and police, that is the most important.” he said to the media while conducting a survey at a school in Muar yesterday (2 November).

He also said that schools should be flexible on the student’s attendance due to the constraints faced by their parents, especially for those who came from underprivileged families.

Source: Malay Mail

Meanwhile, he said that all schools in states that are in Phase 4 of the NRP should pay more attention on the ventilation systems in schools.

“Ventilation needs to be given special attention. In the beginning, people were confused about what needs to be done, but lately almost everybody understands that it is important for us to ensure good ventilation in schools.”

He then said that ventilation in classrooms seems good, with the exception of teacher’s room. He then suggested that windows should be opened for a better ventilation system.

Meanwhile, he also commented on the teacher’s recruitment programme, where they had completed the selection of teachers for phase 1 of the Education Services Commission (SPP).

He said the initial selection criteria were based on candidates who would teach important subjects in school as well as those with a background in educational studies.

“Teachers for Phase 1 has been selected and we do not follow how many. We are guided by the arrangement of subjects. Which subjects go first as well as priority to education graduates.”

“Once this is completed, we would then assess graduates who do not have an educator background. We do it in stages. There are phases that only need hundreds of teachers but there are phases that need thousands, therefore we need to look at the needs of the subjects in that phase.” he said.

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