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After KL, District In Perak Is The Next To Ban The Sale Of Alcohol!

NewsAfter KL, District In Perak Is The Next To Ban The Sale...

The Perak State Executive Councilor, Akmal Kamaruddin has announced starting January 2022, the Selama district council impose a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in all convenient stores in the district.

In a statement posted on Facebook, he explained that the decision for the Selama district council to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages comes after a complaint he heard from a young man who was working in a convenient store.

He then said that the man was tasked with putting alcoholic beverages on the shelves but he felt insulted for the need to deal with something that is going against his religion.

Source: Facebook

The man, dubbed Ahmad (not his real name), said that he was depressed but he had to continue working with it as he needs to earn a living for his family.

“Ahmad complained to the Akmal, asking him what had he done with the liquor industry, when the people need to deal with the these beverages on the instruction of their employers.” Akmal said.

Source: Madison

Following which, Akmal said he had collected signatures of those who supported the ban on sale of alcohol at the convenience store and the movement was welcomed by the local businesses.

Akmal said that the the Selama district council managed to get all local business to agree to stop the sale of alcoholic beverage in their premise starting January 2022.

With this, this is the second alcohol ban that will be implemented in parts of Malaysia.

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Read the statement from Akmal here:


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