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Security Guard Abuse By Parents Who Left Child For Them To “Babysit”

Source: Twitter

A video showing a couple having a heated argument with a security personnel at an apartment complex in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur had went viral on social media.

While many were confused about the incident, the management of Residensi SkyAwani had issued a memo on Facebook to explain that a family of new tenants who were renting a unit in the building had allegedly harassed their security guards, both verbally and physically.

The management said that the couple had left their child at the security desk, where one of their officers were stationed, supposing to have him watch over their child while they were off doing other things nearby.

They then explained that they security personnel were in a middle of a shift change as part of their job to patrol the building.

It wasn’t sure what had happened, but the management had summarised by the CCTV footage and eyewitnessed accounts during the incident that the couple was triggered when they felt that the security guards somehow failed to babysit their kid.

“Please note that childcare duties are not specified within the scope of security duties in contract.” the management clarified in the memo, adding that the police have been notified of the incident and action will be taken against the tenants in question.

The management also included snapshots of the incident, showing the man had confronted a security guard in uniform before another person steps in to resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, a netizen managed to obtain a first-person view of the incident and had shared it on social media.

In the 2-minute long video, a man and woman had been exchanging insults with the man behind the camera as a child sits quietly in the background. 

“Security is irresponsible.” shouted the man, as the woman holds up her own phone to assumingly record the incident himself.


“Woah, it’s the security’s job to take care of other people’s children?” the man behind the camera said, before the family leaves with a basket of laundry.

The viral incident had sparked a huge debate on the Internet, where many sided the security guard on the issue, saying that they had done nothing wrong, while some expressed concern over the fate of the child who was unfortunate enough to have been the reason for the incident that took place.

“That poor kid. It’s not enough that she was left there, the father had to insult people in public.” a netizen commented.

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