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GSC Under Fire After Promoting Chinese Movie “The Battle at Lake Chang Jin”

Social NewsGSC Under Fire After Promoting Chinese Movie "The Battle at Lake Chang...

The Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) has recently released a teaser a Chinese epic war movie on social media, but was quickly met with strong reactions from netizens.

The Battle at Lake Chang Jin (长津湖) was commissioned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in conjunction with its 100th anniversary this year and it has made close to US$900 million since its international release last month. It is the highest-earning film and highest grossing non-English film of all time too.

The film details a fictional account of a Chinese militant during the Korean War in the late 50s and it discusses the triumph of the Chinese military had over international forces led by the US.

Meanwhile, many had pointed out that a movie with communist propaganda should not be should shown in Malaysia.


“Stop showing CCP propaganda on (GSC’s) screen please!” one netizen requested.

“(Is) CCP’s propaganda movie (allowed) in Malaysia’s market?” another netizen asked.

Source: Facebook

One even pointed out that the movie is for Mainland Chinese people and we, Malaysians do not need these kind of communist movies that twist history.

Others asked how the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) allowed the screening of such a movie.

“Finas, please look into this. Films that distort history should not be aired or screened in Malaysia.”

“Why (did) FINAS let this pass but cut out other movie’s sex scenes?”

Nonetheless, GSC has not responded to the netizens’ strong opposition, nor have they announced anything else related to the show.

The teaser is a poster of the film, showing 2 soldiers of the People’s Volunteer Army, with the caption “coming to GSC soon”. However, there is no release date stated.

The film was first released in China on 30 September, the eve of China’s national day, commemorating the founding of the People’s Republic on mainland China.

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