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Contract Doctors Are Organising Another Round Of Strike After Disappointments In Budget 2022

NewsContract Doctors Are Organising Another Round Of Strike After Disappointments In Budget...

Contract doctors in Malaysia are organising another round of strike. The movement was dubbed the “Hartal Doktor Kontrak 2.0” and the group will be protesting against the Budget 2022’s proposal to extend 10,000 trainee doctors’ contract by another 2 years, rather than offering them permanent positions.

Last night (1 November), the group had took to their social media accounts to criticize the that the mere extending of their contract is a waste of time as it did not promise any permanent positions, which were part of their demands.

Meanwhile, they also expressed their disappointment with the Ministry of Health for not objecting the Ministry of Finance’s proposal on this matter.

Source: MalayMail

“Five years of discussions, but there is still no solution. The promise of permanent positions with the EPF is only a sweetener for us to stop raising the issue.”

“After 2 years of contract doctors fighting against Covid-19, their sacrifices remain unappreciated.”

“With this, we from Hartal Doktor Kontrak (HDK) Movement declare that Hartal Doktor Kontrak 2.0 will be organised as a protest.” they said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported that the HDK representative, Dr Mustapha Kamal said the protest will be organised soon, but he did not mention a specific date for it.

In July, the movement was a success, with hundreds of contract doctors across the nation gathered for a walkout of their workplace.

The HDK movement has called for the authorities to end the “two-tier system” between permanent trainee doctors and the contract doctors. Contract doctors are not eligible for local postgraduate scholarships to further their education to become specialists.

These contract doctors were also not guaranteed a permanent position after the 5-year contract.

Previously, Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin had promised to work with the contract doctors to come up with a solution to the issue. However, there were no updates up to date.

Meanwhile, HDK is looking into forming a union for the contract doctors as a platform for them to voice our their demands, instead of relying on the Malaysia Medical Association (MMA).

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