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Anwar Claims That “Elite Malays” Are Indulging In Gambling But The Govt Choses To Ignore Them

NewsAnwar Claims That "Elite Malays" Are Indulging In Gambling But The Govt...

In the Dewan Rakyat yesterday (1 November), Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim said that thousands of “elite Malays” are purportedly gambling at gaming outlets without consequences.

He also said that these individuals are being lured to join a gaming club run by “rich boss” as members, and has taken the government to task for turning a blind eye.

While debating on the 2022 Supply Bill, Anwar said based on information obtained from police reports and media statements, he understood that there has been an increase in gaming clubs in the country.

He estimated that there were around 62 gaming outlets in the country with Malays making up to 45% of the membership. However, he did not mention the locations of the outlets.

“When Malays are allowed membership, they are allowed to gamble.” he said.

He then asked why was this allowed to carry on “openly under the Malay-Muslim government” and claimed that “there are efforts to hide these facts”.

He also requested the Finance Ministry to inform the Parliament on the number of clubs with slot machines and if they had Malay members.

Anwar said that there are also records of MySejahtera check-ins to prove Muslims are frequenting these premises, adding that one such outlet at Bukit Kiara had been featured in a video.

“I also understand that when it involves large companies and ‘tauke-tauke kaya’ (rich bosses), the action taken is quite slow.” he said, while exposing the name of an individual allegedly running the clubs.

“Is it true (this individual) can move around freely with a huge number of gambling companies and licences, and can invite elite Malays to join in the gambling activities?”

He also urged the Inland Revenue Board to investigate these individual and take action if found guilty of any financial crimes.

Additionally, the Anwar also asked for clarification on whether the majority of the 62 clubs were approved for operation by the Barisan Nasional government just prior to the 2018 general election.

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