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PKR Slapped With RM10,000 Compound For Organising Election-Related Event In Malacca

NewsPKR Slapped With RM10,000 Compound For Organising Election-Related Event In Malacca

PKR has been slapped with a RM10,000 fine by the police for holding a mobile and “crowdless” ceramah (speech) in Melaka on Saturday (30 October) night, said the party’s information chief, Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin.

In the press conference yesterday (31 October), Shamsul, also the Hang Tuah Jaya Member of Parliament (MP) said the speech was held at the Paya Rumput state constituency, where the leaders were speaking on a modified truck which was fitted with loudspeakers and served as the stage.

He added that the only people who were were the speakers, party officials, members of the media and police officers.

“Those who listened to the ceramahs were at home, either following the speeches via livestream or from the porches of their homes.”

Source: China Press

“And the ceramahs were not even that long, lasting about 30 minutes before we moved to a new location.” he said.

He added that the ceramah was first held at Taman Sri Krubong before they moved to Taman Krubong Jaya.

Meanwhile, he also revealed that the compound they received was specifically for the ceramah at Taman Krubong Jaya, but the party was not booked for the one held at Taman Sri Krubong.

Source: YouTube

Shamsul said PKR is being creative with this mobile “crowdless” ceramah in order to prevent crowding and physical contact among the audiences.

He then stressed that the fine was unreasonable and he urged the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin to give the details of what type of events would be allowed and banned during the election campaigning period.

Shamsul added that he do not put the blame on the police personnel who issued the compound notice, but there was much confusion as to what the ban on physical gatherings involved.

“During the recent US’ presidential election, they conducted drive-through campaign rallies to curb Covid-19. So why can’t we do something similar here?” he said.

Shamsul also pointed out that the speech held in Taman Sri Krubong were not campaigning for the state election and that the campaigning period begins after the nomination day.

He said that the speech was an “information programme” to educate voters on issues related to Melaka and the 2022 budget.

He also said that the party would scrutinise if the compound fine was rightly issued and consider writing to Khairy and home minister Hamzah Zainudin over the matter, adding that they might also challenge the compound fine in court.

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