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PDRM Shared 4 Tips To Drive Safely In The Rain

Social NewsPDRM Shared 4 Tips To Drive Safely In The Rain

The ban on interstate travel has recently been lifted and the highways across the nation had been filled with vehicles again.

However, the weather had been unpredictable as the monsoon brings in more rainfall. The heavy downpour had made it more dangerous whether you are going out for a long drive to travel, or even to visit your hometown.

As a reminder for the general public, the Traffic Department of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) had shared a few tips on how to safely drive during a heavy downpour.

In their official Facebook page, they shared the 4 following tops for driving in the rain.

Source: Carlist

1. Drive slowly and do not exceed 80km/h

The PDRM explained that when a vehicle is speeding for more than 80km/h, it is more prone to ‘aquaplaning’ on the road which may make you lose control of your vehicle.

This happens because the tyres of the vehicle loses grip of the road underneath it due to the wet surface, making the vehicle to glide forward uncontrollably.

2. Do not tailgate

Roads are slippery when there is a rainfall and this makes accidents more common.

One way to avoid accidents is to keep distance with vehicles in front of you. This allows you to have enough time to step on the brakes and avoid crashing into vehicles that brake suddenly.

3. Do not turn on your hazard lights while driving

Your vehicle’s hazard lights are only meant to be used in case of an emergency and when your vehicle is immobile or stopped on the road.

4. Avoid driving on the right lane

When you are driving on the right or fast lane, vehicles from the opposite direction may run into puddles of water and then splashes onto your windshield, temporarily causing your view to be blocked.

This is especially dangerous when you are speeding on the highway and these few seconds may be critical for your to avoid an accident.

Keep this few points in your mind and practice them when you are driving on the road while it is raining. Stay safe on the road!

Read the statement from PDRM here:


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