Friday, December 9, 2022

M’sian Builds “Tandas Kayangan” To Change People’s Perception Against Public Toilets

Social NewsM'sian Builds "Tandas Kayangan" To Change People's Perception Against Public Toilets

In an effort to change people’s perception that public toilets are dirty places, an entrepreneur had built a luxurious toilet at his petrol station in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

According to Harian Metro, anyone who stops at the petrol station to go to the toilet will be thrilled by the beautiful golden-themed decoration and the facilities that were provided there, such as air conditioning, television, make-up table, radio and even water filters.

The entrepreneur, Datuk Dr Ahmad Omar admitted that some visitors thought the toilet was strange at first, but were happy after experiencing being in a clean, comfortable and luxurious bathroom.

“Some have laughed or criticized my efforts, but it has not dampened my spirit to continue to prepare the luxurious toilet to ensure the toilets here is more attractive.”

“There are various other facilities in this toilet such as perfume, make-up products, razor blades and first-aid kit that are definitely not thought of by visitors.” he said.

Source: Rileklah

Ahmad also said that many of his customers at the petrol station did not miss the opportunity to use the toilet and take pictures and videos of the luxurious toilet, as they thought it was something different.

Ahmad explained that his intention were to erode negative thoughts that come with using public toilets.

He said that the luxurious toilet was able to provide comfort to its visitors, thus changing the stigma of the society that public toilets are dirty.

He also said that toilets should be maintained clean, and that he had hire employees specifically to take care of the toilet to make sure it is clean and everything is in good condition.

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