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KFC Launches Exclusive Burger P. Ramlee To Pay Tribute To Malaysian Icon

Food & BeverageKFC Launches Exclusive Burger P. Ramlee To Pay Tribute To Malaysian Icon

“Sekali Rasa, Bergetar Jiwa”. This phase reminds us of the legendary artist, the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee, who had continued to entertain and inspire us with his films and songs.

In an effort to commemorate the once Malaysian star, KFC Malaysia had introduced the Burger P. Ramlee, which is a new and exclusive menu available for only a limited time as a special tribute to the national legend.

P. Ramlee was born and raised in Penang, and he is well known for his love for nasi kandar.

Source: KFC

In his last film, Laksamana Do Re Mi, nasi kandar is also featured in one of the scenes, showing the audiences his love for this dish.

Nonetheless, the Burger P. Ramlee is a fusion of Nasi Kandar’s unique ingredients with the signature Hot & Spicy Zinger.

Source: KFC

The KFC’s Kuah Kari Kandar is made of fragrant local herbs such as turmeric, lemongrass, cumin, and curry leaves, then poured onto the freshly made crunchy Zinger fillet and topped off with well-seasoned curry vegetables and mayonnaise, all between a toasted sesame bun.

KFC Malaysia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chan May Ling said, P Ramlee is a great artist who has left a rich legacy in Malaysian culture that still resonates and is beloved by all.

“Our latest innovative menu, Burger P. Ramlee – a delightful combination of KFC Zinger and P. Ramlee’s favourite Nasi Kandar, celebrates his legacy and is our humble tribute to the legendary figure.” she said.

Meanwhile, the Burger P. Ramlee will be available from 28 October onwards in all West Malaysia Malaysia KFC restaurants and it comes in the following options, À la Carte, Kombo, Set Legenda, and Kombo Ikon.

You can also enjoy 10% off on the KFC app when you use the promo code “PRAMLEE”.

Hurry up and get yourself a taste of this exclusive burger! It is only available for a limited time.

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