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YouTube Warns Creators Of New Monetization Policy That Demonetize Low Quality Kids Videos

No more prank videos, ASMR or contents that promote negative behaviours or attitudes.

YouTube has recently announced that it will soon begin to demonetize some of the channels on its platform that market themselves as “made for kids” if the content they produce is of low quality, encourages negative behavior or attitudes, or is heavily commercial.

Previously, YouTube had warned that such contents will no longer be eligible for inclusion in its dedicated YouTube Kids app, but YouTube will begin to enforce a stricter set of guidelines on content creators with its latest set of monetization policies.

It is said that the new policy will impact the creators’ eligibility for or possible removal from the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

In August, YouTube had announced its plans to increase protection for minors and that some of the updates will directly address the upcoming regulations, while others were going beyond what would be required by law.

At that time, YouTube said it would shift the default settings on videos for users ages 13 to 17 to private and this would enable them to “take a break” and as bedtime reminders for minors. This would also stop leveraging “interests” data for targeting teens and kids with ads, and more.

Besides, the changes were a warning to those creators specifically making content aimed at kids, noting the company planned to remove “overly commercial content” from its standalone YouTube Kids app aimed at younger children.

Nonetheless, The Verge reported that YouTube’s new guidelines could impact a number of channels, including one of the biggest kids’ channel on YouTube, Ryan’s World.

Ryan Kaji is a 10-year-old YouTuber whose videos garner millions of views. A large number of Ryan’s videos revolve around unboxing toys, as well as showing off toys that Kaji has helped create.

This is definitely what YouTube would describe as “consumeristic”.

YouTube also said that it has “reached out to potentially impacted creators” to help them prepare before the policies go into effect in November. Having said that, if Ryan’s World wants to remain one of the most popular YouTube channels for kids, it may need to make major adjustments to the kind of content it puts out.

Meanwhile, YouTube has outlined the contents that encourage negative behaviours and attitudes includes bullying, dishonestly, disrespect to others, dangerous pranks, unhealthy eating habits and more.

The other contents that are on YouTube’s list include content that’s deceptively educational, content that hinders comprehension, content that’s sensational or misleading, and content that includes strange use of children’s characters.

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