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BN Slapped With RM10,000 Compound For Mass Gathering At WTCKL

NewsBN Slapped With RM10,000 Compound For Mass Gathering At WTCKL

Barisan Nasional (BN) has been slapped with a RM10,000 compound notice for organising a mass gathering at the World Trade Centre KL yesterday (27 October) evening.

The Health Ministry (KKM) had took to Facebook to share a picture of the compound issued to the Executive Secretary of the coalition on the next day (28 October) for violating the Covid-19 SOPs.

This comes after the opposition members criticize the government for practicing double standards when it comes to enforcing the SOPs during the launch of the Melaka BN election machinery.

It is believed that at least several hundreds of BN members were present at the event, including the coalition’s top leadership.

The gathering also comes several hours after the youth-led party Muda was being slapped a RM4,000 fine over holding a press conference involving 5 of its members in Melaka.

Source: Facebook

Muda founder, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman the posted a tweet of the coalition’s gathering, criticizing the government for practicing double standards.

“(For) Muda’s press conference, SOPs observed, 5 people, face masks worn, social distancing observed, below 10 minutes = RM4,000 compound.”

“UMNO BN launches machinery, large hall, mass gathering, failed social distancing, from evening till morning = No action taken.”

“The people of Melaka must punish this arrogant party!!” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, in his Facebook post, he wrote “‘Oh, our country has all kinds of SOPs’. If you have a social gathering for the Melaka State Elections, cannot. You will get compounded, you will get fined. Not allowed at all. The Covid-19 outbreak is dangerous.”

“But if you have a launch of the Melaka machinery in Kuala Lumpur, can. No compounds, no fines. Allowed.  The Covid-19 outbreak is not dangerous.”

“Happy gathering. Malaysia will forever have double standards.”

After the Health Ministry issued the RM10,000 fine to BN, Syed Saddiq had pointing out that why BN was only fined RM10,000 when the gathering reached thousands of people with no social distancing, no face masks and no effort to protect the country from Covid-19.

“Authorities can just cancel the assembly. But the event was still conducted until the end. Can even have Facebook live. Where is the fair attitude? Where is the law?”


“If this is the way, as long as you have money, have assembly until the finish, and pay the compound. Each participant just gives RM1 and they can pay RM10,000.”

“Don’t pretend to be satisfied with this compound. We all know this is a non-serious act, messing around and elevating politicians’ egos. This is too much.”

Previously, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said any activity, gathering or social event related to the elections is not allowed from 25 October to 27 November.

“Any social event that is held without compliance to SOPs, including physical distancing, which is hard to observe, will increase the risk of spreading Covid-19.”

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