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These extensions can help avoid you from being tracked online by online sites

There is now a multitude of extensions you can install on your web browser to protect yourself from ad trackers.

Google, Facebook and the majority of online sites and services put small scripts online that “track” internet users.

Here’s a selection of some small programmes — to install on Chrome, Firefox and other browsers — that can help prevent disclosing too much personal information.

Although it’s largely possible to protect your privacy by going directly to the settings of your preferred browser, in some cases, extra extensions can be necessary if you really want to protect yourself effectively, especially in Chrome and Firefox.


The name of this extension says it all: Don’t Track Me Google.

Available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, it automatically blocks the tracking code linked to any Google searches.

In addition to protecting your privacy, it also makes the results display faster.


Teams at the Mozilla Foundation, publisher of Firefox, have developed Facebook Container, the best way to prevent the world’s largest social network from tracking you on this browser.

This extension automatically blocks connections, likes and comments from Facebook on all other websites.

It’s possible to create exceptions, however, according to your personal preferences. Note that the extension concerns the entire Facebook ecosystem, including Instagram and Messenger.

In Chrome and Edge, the SessionBox extension, which allows you to use multiple Facebook accounts simultaneously, also makes it possible to block ad trackers.

Cookies of all kinds

As its name suggests, the Cookie AutoDelete extension deletes all cookies when you leave a page or close a tab in your browser.

Of course, it’s also possible to choose to keep some of them. This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge.


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