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KKM Cracks Down On Smoking In Eateries, Urges People To Comply With Regulation

NewsKKM Cracks Down On Smoking In Eateries, Urges People To Comply With...

The Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin has reminded Malaysians to comply with the smoking ban that is imposed in eateries and public places for the public health and wellbeing.

In the Facebook post, Khairy said the Ministry of Health (MOH) will step up the enforcement efforts to crack down smoking at eateries, especially as more people are lighting up at eateries now that dine-in is allowed.

Khairy also revealed that 3,419 notices were issued for offence under Section 32B of the Food Act as well as Control of Tobacco Products (Amendment) Regulations 2018 since January this year until 24 October.

Source: The Star

This includes the enforcement activities in Kepong and Johor Baru carried out lately on 23 and 24 October respectively. The ministry also observed that multiple premises and smokers were issued notices under the aforementioned laws due to non-compliance with the smoking ban.

“Here I would also like to share some pictures of the enforcement activities by the Kepong District Health Department (PKD) in the Federal Territory on 23 October and by Johor Baru PKD in Johor.”

Source: Facebook

“For operations around Kepong last Saturday, as many as 20 offence notices were issued involving 15 smoking violations at eateries and five on shop owners who failed to place smoking ban signs and ensured no one was smoking in their respective premises.” he said.

“For operations in Johor Baru on Monday, a total of 30 offence notices have been issued under Section 32B involving 23 smoking violations at the dining area and three offences were issued to the owner.”

“Besides, as many as four offence notices have also been issued for smoking violations elsewhere. I urge the public to abide by the smoking ban in public spaces not only for the sake of comfort for all but more importantly for the sake of prosperity and health of all.” he said.

The smoking ban at food premises came into effect on 1 January 2019 after amendments were made to the Control of Tobacco Products (Amendment) Regulations 2018, where smoking is only allowed 3 metres or 3 feet away away from food premises and open-air restaurants.

In June 2020, the ministry said they had put priority to contain Covid-19 but they had not stopped enforcing the smoking ban at eateries.

Read the statement from Khairy here:


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